What is the age Slab for admission into various Classes?

The Age Slab for Admissions into various classes are in sync with all the Standardized International, Central and State level School.

1 – 1 ½ years – Mini Play Group
1 ½ Year – 2 ½ years – Play Group
2 ½ Year – 3 ½ years - Nursery
3 ½ Year – 4 ½ years – Pre Primary 1
4 ½ Year – 5 ½ years – Pre Primary 2

What are the Admission Criteria?

Play School Admission is granted on the basis of 

a) ‘First come first served’ basis as the Class Strength is limited
b) The Child shall be of 1 ½ years at least
c) Physically fit and mentally sound
d) And dialogue with the Parents of the child

What are Documents Required for Admission?

A birth certificate as a proof of age from a civic body is required at the time of registration
Three passport sized photographs are to be submitted at the time of registration
Child’s Immunization Record Copy
One Family Photo graph (with Father, Mother and Grand Parents – if possible)

What is the correct Age to send my Child to School?

Children of this Generation are quite active even at 1 Year and very well follow instructions and try to Speak (of course it starts with just Sounds and Mono Syllable Words). Children start learning right from Birth and they are always learning irrespective of where they are.

BLOSSOMS believes the correct age for a child to start going to an organized Learning Environment is when they are able to walk independently, follow the instructions given and when they start

Is it true that the Children just Play at the School?

No. Children indulge in Activity based learning and various Developmental Activities (viz. Sensorial Development, Eye Hand Coordination, Concentration Development, Intellectual Development and other Activities). These activities involve working individually and in Teams with various Teaching Aids and Play Items making it appear as if the Children are Playing.

Indeed that is the essence of learning in a Play School. All the Teaching and Learning happens in a Play Way methodology. Children do not feel pressurized or burdened with this method of Teaching.

How effective is this kind of Learning?

As mentioned above, the Learning is all through Observing, Doing and Experiencing, which we at BLOSSOMS call ‘Hands-on-Learning’. ‘Hands-on-Learning’ helps your Child experience the challenges in Practical learning to retain for a longer period of time. 

Experiential Learning is found to be one of the most effective means to gain and retain Knowledge. It enables your Child to Think, Improvise and Innovate.

What is the Curriculum?

BLOSSOMS follows an Integrated Curriculum derived from the Best of Varied Curricula across the world. Our Team of experts in Child Education has prepared the Curriculum after thorough research on Montessori, Waldorf, Seven Petal and Others.

The methodology of Teaching is Play Way.

What do you teach to a 1 ½ year Child?

Most of the learning in that age happens through Observation. We create an environment conducive to care free learning. Teachers focus on the Child’s basic Skills and Areas of Development like Sensorial, Multi Intelligence, Language, Motor and Socio Emotional.

Just to mention a few -
We use Clay Play, Lace and Beads, Coin Movement, Thread Exercises and many others for Fine Motor Development.
Leather, Cotton, Silk and Sand Paper Activities to develop a Child’s sense of Touch and to help understand the difference between Rough and Smooth Surfaces.

Containers or Bottles with different Sand in one, pebbles in one, water, marbles, etc in others and a matching set is set aside. Children are asked to first hear the sound by shaking one bottle and pick up a similar sounding bottle from the second set. This activity is used to improve a Child’s Aural (hearing) abilities.

Similarly there are thousands of Activities designed to help Children with Overall Development.

Is the age slab and the Standard of teaching on par with International Schools? (Or)Can my Child go to an International School after Leaving BLOSSOMS?

Yes, BLOSSOMS INTERNATIONAL follows the Age Slab that is consistent across the Board and you will see the Age Slab and Standards of Teaching on par with any International Schools.

My Child is just 13 months; can he come to the School?

The desicion is taken by the Principal incharge of the Branch. However, there are a few guidelines to decide this.

  • The Child must be able to walk independently and actively migle with other 1 1/2 year aged children.
  • The Child should be able to follow atleast a few instructions given in mother tongue and
  • The Child is at the primary stage of Speech Development i.e. is tries to speak and responding to Music by rolling the Tongue and form simple words.

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