Here are few tips to handle your Children

Motivate with positive reinforcement, help them set realistic goals and have attainable expectations from them.

Never tell your Child that he/she is bad. That impacts their self-esteem. Help them recognize that you like them, but it is their behavior that you are not willing to tolerate.

Make simple rules for them. Start with a few “things we do and don’t do”. Discuss them with your Child.

If you feel your Child’s behavior is beginning to get out of control, “nip it in the bud” by distracting his/her attention onto a positive activity or game.

Words hurt too. Try to avoid yelling at them in anger, if they break a rule, tell them what’s the fault and why that makes you angry, “BE ANGRY AT WRONG DEED, NOT AT YOUR CHILD”

If you say ‘no’ to them make sure both of you understand what that means and keep to the routine. A clear and consistent routine helps your child feel safe and secure. Clear-cut rules help them learn what is right and wrong. Be consistent!

Establish a rule. Then act quickly (seconds), firmly and safely when I challenged it. Carry out any threatened punishment. Do not yell. They ought to know that your ‘no’ means no.

Dress them for playground safety. Avoid clothing with drawstring at the head or neck area or loose clothing. Tie up long hair. Always get them to wear shoes.

Store dangerous household products out of reach.

Check their records to ensure that immunization are up-to-date and keep a copy of those records.   

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