The School

CBSE curriculum is followed, with a Blend of Teaching methodologies.

Nursery to Grade VII (Upgrading Each Year)


To Groom our Future generations who - Are Confident, Think Sensibly, Are Compassionate, Question without fear, Explore without boundaries & Lead by example.


Respect all Think and be positive Feel Good and Confident Talk politely strive to build good relations


At BLOSSOMS, we believe Children are like the Clean Raw Clay. It is up to us to choose what to make out of it. We can mould them to grow with Values, we can add colours by Teaching them the Joy of Sharing and give them freedom to grow into beautiful butterflies.

We firmly believe that it is the collective duty of Parents, Teachers and the Society to shape the young minds and it is all our responsibility to ensure our Future Generations grow in the Best environment with the Best Values and Exposure.

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