What is BLOSSOMS INTERNATIONAL School of Excellence?

At BLOSSOMS INTERNATIONAL School of Excellence, the Environment created is to generate and retain interest of the Child, allows the Child to try anything without the fear of failure, accept failure as part of the learning process, speak confidently and socialize, enjoy Art, Music, Dance, Sports and all other outdoor sports, accept challenges, overcome fear of experimenting and enjoy the application of thought, respect all and be respected for what they are, eat and live Healthy, be able thus enjoy life.?

Our methodology of Teaching for this is

Hands On & Practical? Exploring & Inclusive? Inquisitive & Imaginative?………………..to enjoy the Process of Learning and by not worrying about failure.

Training of Teachers

BLOSSOMS INTERNATIONAL has excelled the field of Teachers Training after consistently Training hundreds of Teachers over the last 6 Years through it’s highly Effective and practical Training programs. It placed innumerable Teachers in Best Schools across India. BLOSSOMS Teacher Training programs are held in high regard and extremely valued by the Teaching fraternity.

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