“Every day we diligently work on providing the 

  Best of Life’s Experiences and Learning Opportunities to our Young Ones”

Programs we offer at BLOSSOMS?

Play School

BLOSSOMS Play Schools are supported by our Teachers who are well trained by our internal Training Team backed by thoroughly researched and tested concepts on Child Psychology, Learning curve; teaching methodologies followed across the world, various Child handling techniques with abundant practical learning opportunities at our Top Class Training Institutes and Play Schools. 

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Primary/High School

At BLOSSOMS INTERNATIONAL School of Excellence, the Environment created is to generate and retain interest of the Child, allows the Child to try anything without the fear of failure,accept failure as part of the learning process,speak confidently and socialize, enjoy Art, Music, Dance, Sports and all other outdoor sports, accept challenges, overcome fear of experimenting and enjoy the application of thought,be able thus enjoy life.?

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The Exposure our Children get is simply
Out of the world! We teach them to Explore without Boundaries

A safe and stimulating environment with age appropriate learning aids to promote independent hands-on activity based learning

Robust and Holistic field Trips and Co-Curricular Activities designed to provide appropriate thematic experience

Trained and experienced facilitators who are constantly Enriched and Supported by our ISO certified Training Istitute

We boast of one of the Largest, State of the Art Tinkering lab that Challenges Our Next-Gen Z

Our Children are Constantly Encoraged to be Compassionate, Lead by Example and be Socially Active

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What is the age group for children attending the Blossoms School of Excellence ? 

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What are the working hours of BLOSSOMS for Primary and high school?

  • The Working hours are 9am to 1pm for Pre-Primary and to 3:30pm for Primary.

What is the curriculum followed by BLOSSOMS for Child Development ?

  • We Follow CBSE curriculam  which is followed by the TOP Schools

What documents are needed for the admission application?

  • You will generally need to provide your child’s birth certificate, previous school records (if applicable), and any other documents specified in the application guidelines.

What are the safety measures taken byBLOSSOMS to ensure the well-being of children?

What is the class size at your primary school?

  • Our class sizes are designed to maintain a low student-to-teacher ratio, ensuring personalized attention. Specific class sizes may vary depending on grade levels.

Does the Blossoms offer any extracurricular activities?

  • Yes, we offer a range of extracurricular activities, including sports, arts, and clubs. These opportunities enrich the learning experience and allow students to explore their interests.

Which are the cities BLOSSOMS is present in?

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