Health & Safety

At BLOSSOMS, we take the safety of our children, teachers and staff very seriously and all our operations are aligned to ensure BLOSSOMS is always a safe and happy place for all. Here are the safety protocols we ensure at all our BLOSSOMS Campuses across our various touch points. 

Outdoor Play Area

Large spaces protected by child friendly barricades and adequate edge guards. Safe toys and equipment provided for free-play under adult supervision.

Classroom Ambience

Well lit, ventilated and Clean spaces with child-friendly furniture and safety measures are always our Top Priority

Health & Safety Training

All our staff is trained and regularly upskilled to maintain robust physical standards as well as be mindful of emotional safety of our little ones.

Electrical Safety

Switch points placed at adult height. All plug points at child height are secured by dummy sockets. Regular audits for equipment maintenance.

CCTV Coverage

24*7 CCTV surveillance of all Our Campuses. 30 days recording available for audit.

Security Guards

Well Trained, Disciplined and Sensible Security guards, Drivers & Care Takers available at all Our Campuses

Fire Safety

All our campuses are equiped with Fire extinguishers that are periodically checked & Maintained. Our staff is trained to handle them.

Safe Environment

Children are sensitized about various Safety concepts Inluding "Good Touch-Bad Touch"

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